All Homemade Pastries!

We provide a different assortment of the patisseries below in our café every week – see what we have in store for you today!

Lamingtons: $4ea
pastries - lamingtons

Cookies (choc chip): $3.50


pastries - choc chip cookies

Caramel Slice: $4.90

pastries - chocolate caramel slice

Shortbreads: $2ea

pastries - shortbread

Banana Bread: $5.00

pastries - banana bread

Chocolate Caramel Banana Bread: $5.00
pastries - chocolate banana bread


Muffins: $4.50 ea (ask for today’s flavours)



Gluten Free Coconut Pyramid: $2.50

pastries - gluten free coconut pyramid


Gluten Free Coconut and Jam Slice: $4.50

pastries - gluten free coconut jam slice

Date and Oat Slice: $4.00

pastries - date and oat slice